Starter Kit
Four Coffees

We know that when you start out on your journey as a coffee roaster, selecting coffee can be overwhelming, the options are seemingly endless and you have yet to develop the experience or palate to know what you’re looking for or how to recognise it. So in order to get you off to a flying start we’ve produced this box of four great coffees, 5kg of each, all suitable for espresso and filter.

A nutty/chocolatey Brazil, often used as an espresso base and works especially well in milk based drinks.

A bright/juicy Colombian that can be served for filter or as an espresso blend component.

A mellow/sweet decaffeinated coffee.

And a complex African coffee, a real show stopper for filter coffee drinkers.

Exact coffees will change with the seasons but full traceability links for each will be provided in the box.

£261 (20kg)

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